Munich Media Office is a German based media service agency for clients in the sports, media and advertising industry.


We are the right partner, if you run an international business or if you want to expand your businesses beyond your national border lines.


If you just need slides for your board presentations, you better go with another provider. If you want to improve your businesses, go with us.


We do it right and cost effective, that’s our promise.


  • TV channel distribution and TV content sale 
    in Asia and Middle East
  • Interim management for  
    ... media and advertising companies based in Central 
        & Eastern Europe, Middle East and South East Asia 
    ... mid-sized companies in need for turnaround 
        management skills
  • Worldwide media research with a special focus on     audience research and media communication
  • Media buying for small and mid-sized companies
    in Europe
  • Worldwide media audit with a focus on pan regional    and international campaigns
  • Worldwide sport sponsorship evaluation and implementation
  • Sat capacity sales:  
    Representation for AMOS by Spacecom in Austria,      Germany, Poland and Switzerland
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